Professor at the Center for Computational Communication Research (Zhuhai), School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University.



Xiaoke Xu
Dr. Xiao-Ke Xu obtained the Bachelor’s degree (2002) in Electronic and Information Engineering and PhD (2008) in Communication and Information System from Dalian Maritime University in China. Dr. Xu was the postdoctoral fellow at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the visiting scholar at City University of Hong Kong. He got the CCF-Tencent Hornbill Research Funding and won the first prize in Alibaba Data Innovation Competition & Alibaba Young Scholars Supporting Project. Now he is a professor at the Center for Computational Communication Research (Zhuhai), School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University. He focuses his research on complex network, big data of social networks and computational communication, etc.

l  Computational Communication

l  Big Data Analysis

l  Social Network Analysis

l  Complex Networks

l  Social Robot

Reserach Interests
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